Hospital a Blunder

Around 3/4:00 A this morning I read an ABC article talking about hospitals sending women home less than 24 hours after giving birth. In some cases in as little as four hours. I have to admit I’m absolutely baffled that hospitals actually do this.

Labor and birth is a very long and exhausting ordeal on its own. It is even worse when you add in the fact that some women also have complications. Thankfully I wasn’t one of those women.

Although I can’t help but think about my own labor and delivery with my two boys. My pregnancies were only 10 years apart yet so much changed in that time in regards to my hospital stay.

Hospital stay with Adam

  • Labor was induced. I went in around 7p April 2 gave birth April 3rd around 1p went home April 6th
  • With Adam the nurses actually took a newborn pic and I had the choice of going online and ordering copies of the picture”being unemployed at the time I wasn’t able to”.
  • Adam stayed in the nursery and they would bring him to me during the day to feed and change him, but would let me sleep at night.

Hospital stay with Lukas

  • Went into labor on my own. Mucus plug came out around 2am September 4. Labor pains started around 8a the same day and I gave birth 12 hours later.
  • With Lukas my husband and I had to take the pictures ourselves.
  • Except for when they took him to circumcise him, test his hearing and do whatever other tests they do for healthy babies Lukas was in the room with me the whole time.
  • The nurses forced me to wake him up every two hours to feed him
    • Left me with little to no sleep causing me to be extremely exhausted
    • Went completely against my sons natural wake/sleep pattern. From day one he’s been able to go 3-4 hours in between feedings. Which has been a blessing.


I know women that breastfeed usually have to feed their babies every two hours but both my boys were bottle fed. Granted all babies are different but for the most part bottle fed babies are capable of going longer in between feedings then breastfed babies. Adam was every two hours. Lukas was every 3-4 hours of course he was able to handle more formula with each feeding than his older brother was able to handle.


Link to the article I read!!


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