Momma’s Little Helper/Inspiration

Well my goal of a writing a weekly blog post has already gone down the drain. Not surprising though between work and taking care of my little man I am awfully busy and extremely tired.

img_4794In the midst of dealing with writer’s block this little cutie decided to wake up from his nap. Daddy grabbed him and set him on my lap and the next thing I know he’s wanting to hit keys on my keyboard. Speaking of the little one it’s time to get his jammies on and give him his last bottle of night. I will be right back………………………………………………..





Okay I’m back. Little Lukas has been fed, changed and is back in bed for the night. This past week has been very long and tiring. Took my little man to the doctor on Monday. Poor guy has reflux. Thankfuly a change in his feeding schedule and holding him longer after eating was all that was needed to help cut down on the spitting up. He still does it but not as much as he was. Unfortunately because of having to feed smaller portions every 2-3 hours his naps are no where close to what they used to be. I’m just glad that it hasnt made an impact in his night time sleep. He still sleeps a good 12 hours with one nighttime feedting anywhere between 3a and 5:30a.

I’d hate to see how tired I’d be if he did wake up more than once. Probably wouldnt even last a day at work. Be begging my husband to let me be a stay at home mom even though I have child support for my oldest son.

Photo source unknown.


On the bright side my son has reached quite  a few milestones lately. He’s rolling over and playing with toys now. The other day he rolled over and somehow managed to get a toy in his hands and his feet.

I think I’ve bored you enough with my ramblings. It’s time for me to log off and wake up hubby to make chocolate chip cookies! MMMM yummy my favorite.

Hope everyone has a good night. Hopefully my next post will be in a week instead of two weeks.


Author: A Working Momistas Delight

Hi!! My name is Kim Pope. When I'm not working and/or tending to my family I enjoy reading,, listening to music and working on craft projects.

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