A Much Needed Pick Me Up!!

I am in a mothers only group. Recently there was a post by one of the admins about an anonymous member who wanted to do something nice for the other members in the group. All that had be done was to send an email with my name and street address.

I’m not going to lie I was skeptical and a little on the leery side but i figured what the heck I’ll do it. I forgot about it for a few days until some of the other mothers started posting that they got theirs yesterday. I checked the mail today and found mine waiting for me.

I have to admit it was perfect timing. I was having one of those days where I just wanted to curl up and cry. Of course having a 1 year old in the house I couldn’t exactly do that. 

This was just what I needed to help me push past my depression long enough to be there for my son. Instead of curling up on the couch like I wanted to I took the time to interact with my son, played with him, tickled him, took him outside to get fresh air and help him burn off some extra energy. Ended the day (for my son anyway) with cuddles, and a story.

If you need a smile or want to anonymously put a smile someone else’s face I highly recommend emailing this secret mama bear the name and address of whoever you want to give a smile too.

I case you can’t read the email address it is

Thank you secret  Mama Bear for brightening up my day.


Yesterday my family and I went to our local Hobby Lobby and I found myself a new friend to add to crafting collection.

Say hello to my new yarn winder. Which as you can see I’ve already put to use winding up the yarn I’m using for my sons birthday present.

We also went to the farmers market as well. After the little ones nap we had a cookout while the little cutie had fun in his kiddie pool we got for him.

Right now it’s currently lunch time and this messy boy has the sweetest little grin on his face.

I took the day off so I could go to my sons doctors appointment. I’m glad I did. I got to spend quality time with my son that wasn’t interrupted by having to get ready for work.   

We had a fun filled day at the library. We went to story time, played with toys, had a play date with the babysitter and her kids. It was truly a nice change of pace. For the first time since I’ve gone back to work I actually feel relaxed. 

Yes I’ve had a lot of weekends off but we’re always so busy running around from place to place. We never really get a chance to just have mommy and Lukas time or even mommy, daddy and Lukas time.Look at that happy little boy!!
Fell asleep on my lap after eating his lunch. What a precious little boy.

He made a new friend today.

Hmmm, I’m pretty sure he’s not supposed to be tossing library books around.

Fun with alphabet magnets.
Hoping to have more days like this in the future. Going to start looking for a part time job. I truly do need more time with my son.

How am I?

Today at work I was asked if I was ok. I’m a normally quiet person to begin. I guess I’ve been quieter than normal for people who know me to notice be concerned enough to ask how I’m doing.

How am I doing? That’s a very good question. I’m physically tired and warm out  from taking care of my soon to be 10 month old son and working an 8 hour a day job. Mentally worn out pretty much for the same reasons with the added bonus of spending 8 hours a day wishing I was at home with my son instead of having to work. 

If I didn’t truly 100% need this job I would stay at home with my son and sell crochet projects for a little spending cash. 

I can’t afford not to work. At the same time I know something needs to change. I can’t keep working 8 hour days on only 5-7 hours of sleep. I know I need to find a part time job. One where I can work at home would be even better.  Unfortunately jobs are hard to come by. Even harder for people like me who are by nature shy and quiet and just not comfortable being around lots of people.

I can text, email, talk to people online even send letters in the mail filled with in depth content and tons to say but that’s because i can hide behind a screen or pen and paper. When it comes to connecting and conversing with people face to face or even over the phone I have trouble talking. 

Well enough babbling about my thoughts it’s time for bed I’m falling asleep at the phone.

Well my goal of a weekly blog post has definitely gone down the drain. Not too surprising between work and taking care of my little man it’s hard finding time to actually sit down and write.

He’s getting so big. Hard to believe he’s 9 months old today.  He’s come such a ​long way since he was born.

He can stand and walk with help. He’s learning how to use a sippy cup with s straw.  Even though he makes a huge mess he enjoys feeding himself with finger foods.​Today was some pasta.

Of course I still had to feed him some puréed food to make sure he got enough to eat..

Yesterday we went to  the zoo. It was Lukas’s first trip to zoo and he had a blast.

Now we’re just sitting at home relaxing. I’m relaxing as much as I can with 9 month to keep an eye on. Lukas on the other hand is busy playing with and empty box and turning the living into one giant playpen. 

Much needed smile.

My husband must have known I needed a good laugh. I got home from work a little bit ago and discovered my animal friends being silly.

Radford the reading reindeer and…….

George the sock wearing monkey. Socks don’t go on your hands George. 

My husbands calls them shenanigans. Me I just like the smile it brings me at the end of the night. Especially when it’s been a rough day. I don’t come home to these shenanagins all the time but when I do I sure do appreciate it. 

I love you Phil. Thank you.