Well my goal of a weekly blog post has definitely gone down the drain. Not too surprising between work and taking care of my little man it’s hard finding time to actually sit down and write.

He’s getting so big. Hard to believe he’s 9 months old today.  He’s come such a ​long way since he was born.

He can stand and walk with help. He’s learning how to use a sippy cup with s straw.  Even though he makes a huge mess he enjoys feeding himself with finger foods.​Today was some pasta.

Of course I still had to feed him some puréed food to make sure he got enough to eat..

Yesterday we went to  the zoo. It was Lukas’s first trip to zoo and he had a blast.

Now we’re just sitting at home relaxing. I’m relaxing as much as I can with 9 month to keep an eye on. Lukas on the other hand is busy playing with and empty box and turning the living into one giant playpen. 


Proud moment!!

Monday I was supposed to go back to work after having three days off. I ended up calling in because of being in so much pain. I am truly glad I did.

My son decided that day to finally hold his up while laying on his tummy. It truly was one of those proud momma moments.

(So precious). My husband took the photos with my phone.

It got me thinking about the downsides of being a working mom. The biggest one….! Make that the second biggest one is all the firsts that I might miss out on seeing due to being at work.