Yesterday my family and I went to our local Hobby Lobby and I found myself a new friend to add to crafting collection.

Say hello to my new yarn winder. Which as you can see I’ve already put to use winding up the yarn I’m using for my sons birthday present.

We also went to the farmers market as well. After the little ones nap we had a cookout while the little cutie had fun in his kiddie pool we got for him.

Right now it’s currently lunch time and this messy boy has the sweetest little grin on his face.


Bittersweet Christmas

Christmas has officially come and gone……………………Sorry had to have a moment of silence for my favorite Holiday being done for the year. Just like every year since we first started dating in 2013 my husband has given me some amazing

I’m using the mouse and fitbit right now. All year I’ve been talking about getting a fitbit so when I discovered my husband got me one for Christmas I was pretty excited, so of course I figured that was going to be the best gift from him. Boy, was I ever wrong! My husband surprised me big time by getting me this beautiful cardinal necklace.

christmas-gift-2-2Now most people would see this necklace think it was pretty and that would  be it. Unless they knew me the way my husband, my mother and my sister know me they wouldn’t be able to understand why this one little necklace would be mean so much.  They wouldn’t understand why I would be instantly consumed with tears upon unwrapping this beautiful necklace, or why I was left with bittersweet memories of someone I dearly loved and cherished.

My Grandma Dawn was an amazing woman. img_1684She was one of those people whom everyone loved. Everyone called her grandma because that’s just the kind of person she was. She had a habit of keeping everything. Even a maggot infested container of flour (still don’t understand that one). 


She even kept this paper flower that I made her when I was a in Elementary school. Which to be honest I had completely forgotten about until we were cleaning her apartment after she died. My earliest memories of her ironically enough involve her coming over for Christmas. Since neither my parents or grandma drove my Uncle Gary or one of my grandmas neighbors or friends would bring her over and then take her home at the end of the day. Her favorite color was RED and her favorite bird was—-if you hadn’t guessed it already a CARDINAL!! To this day every time I see a cardinal I automatically think of my grandma and all the things she has missed out on seeing.

It’s amazing how one necklace can bring back memories of what seems like a lifetime ago. What special item brings back memories of your loved ones?